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Put some respek on my name – Pemba

Jack Pemba

He might look like a calm guy but last week, we got to see the other side of Jack Pemba. This was after a socialite named Vasha Joan put his brand (Pemba) on a banner during her birthday celebrations at Nawab Restaurant. This almost landed the socialite in real big trouble with Pemba’s lawyers, who sent her a letter warning her to stop associating with anything to do with Pemba and any of his businesses.
According to the businessman, this was damaging because some media houses wrote that he was involved with this socialite which was not the case. “Let that lady be an example to the rest. For her it was just a warning but to others, it will be beyond that. I don’t want anyone to play around with my name. Pemba is a brand and a respected one at that. No one should use it without my consent,” he said.

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