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Kadaga wants copyright law

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

Mesach Semakula must be one popular man in the August House. What with more than five members of parliament attending his show! Whether they attended to enjoy the music or because they were just invited to show face does not matter. What caught our attention though is Speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s message. She expressed her keen interest in Uganda’s music and how she has been closely following it and that Mesach became her friend after he performed at most of her previous events.
The speaker added that they are planning to put the copyright law in place whenever the MPs decide to pass a motion about it. “We have honourable members like Kato Lubwama, Judith Babirye and others who are performing artistes. What they need to do is pass a motion in Parliament and we will take it up from there. The law is effective in Kenya and Tanzania and now we should borrow a leaf from them,” Kadaga said.
She also advised people to buy original CDs to support local talent. About time, but we just hope this was not only talk!

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