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DJ Roja’s mother furious after he buys car

Dj Roja

We all have goals but the order of our goals differs. While some may dream of taking a trip to Paris, others will dream of driving to Jinja naked. Yes, that is how different our bucket list goals can get. A few weeks ago, we told you how KFM resident disc spinner Roja was shopping for a Mercedez Benz, but looks like the prices at Spear Motors were not that friendly.
Long story short, DJ Roja settled for a second hand Toyota RunX. Although he was tightlipped on what really happened or what caused the change of mind, Roja said he was happy with his RunX. He also told us something interesting. Apparently back home in Mukono, mother was not at peace. The DJ intimated to us “off the record” that his mother has always told him to acquire land before he buys a car.
What the old woman does not know is that her son is being paid handsomely at KFM and he will be surprising her soon with a land title.

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