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DJ Nimrod pockets Mukula’s money

If there is someone who will do something and get away with, it is DJ Nimrod. While hosting the launch of the DJ Association of Uganda, the Galaxy FM presenter also took time to showcase his brokenness in a bid to get money from Captain Mike Mukula. The event brought together DJs Uncle Charlie, Racheal, Alberto, Bush Baby, BK Roja and Slick Stuart, among others and had Captain Mukula as chief guest. At the event, Nimrod told Captain Mukula to bring out a $100 note and he would tell him what to use it for. The ever smiling and oblivious Mukula, called his aide on stage and gave Nimrod the $100 note, which he just pocketed. He told Captain Mukula that the money was going to help him repair his crushed laptop. The lengths people will go to detooth others.

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