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Justin Bas and I are not dating – Renah Nalumansi

Renah Nalumansi

CLEARING THE AIR: Her music is on and off, but Renah Nalumansi is not about to give up. The Kasooto singer spent time with her fan Fred Mpalanyi, whom she shared with her music journey.


Why did you break away from Dream Girls?
First, I did not leave the group as a solo artist. The group broke up after we failed to sing together, mainly because we thought we weren’t being paid well and also management wanted to add other girls to the group yet we felt the three of us had bonded. So we decided to stop.

Are you in a relationship with your manager Justin Bas?
Of course not. He is just my manager.

So appearing in wedding clothes was just a publicity stunt?
Well, we were shooting my Kasooto video and the concept was wedding-ish, so there were gowns involved. I did not even post the pictures but someone who was at the shoot did, so when people saw them, they concluded that we had gotten married. But it worked as a blessing in disguise.
After Dream Girls, you joined Suudi Entertainment. Why did you leave Suudi?
Well, I am grateful to Suudi Entertainment because that was my first management as a solo artiste and it was a job well-executed. There is no serious reason why I left, we just went silent on each other. He probably felt that I would let him down. So, I also stopped pushing hard but we are friends now.

Why did you join the music industry?
I love music with all my heart. It is a passion that I cannot let go of, so by all means I had to join because it is what I love to do.

Tell me about your family and education background.
I come from a family of 11 children, born to Mr Dab Lubwama and Ms Winnie Kyomukama. I come from a musical family because the Ssenkebejjes, formerly of Afrigo Band are my uncle and aunt. I went to St Kizito Primary School in Bugolobi, then Katikamu SDA for O-Level, Lakeside College for A-Level and UCC Tororo for a Diploma in business studies.

A few months ago, you were involved in a verbal war with Jenkins Mukasa. What really happened?
Jenkins barred me from singing at the Purple Party because “I wasn’t on the list”, but I would never go to sing somewhere If I wasn’t invited. I was there because I was asked to perform.
He perhaps wanted to just embarrass me, so I left without performing, although I was hurt and offended.

What do you consider while doing your songs?
I do mainly love songs in different genres, although at times I chip in a few inspirational songs. I would love to say my music cuts across all kinds of people.

Tell me some of your songs.
I have Kasooto, Kubila Nze, Walala, Sizibala, Kasikonda, Ontambuzza, Ndi Mugumu, Shaka Zulu, Nanyini City, Tondeka, Omukwano Gwo, Nsuubizza, Taliyo and Gubumbujja, among others.

Why do you think female musicians haven’t yet made it in the Ugandan industry?
I think sometimes female artistes are not as aggressive as men and also men tend to manage themselves better whereas females have management. So it is management’s role to make sure they package their artistes well to compete with male artistes.

You have so far had one concert your entire career. When are you planning to have another?
I am planning another one when my new music gets popular. My management and I are working towards that.

Joining the music industry

I joined the music industry in 2007 with Dream Girls under Eddie Yawe and then broke away because I had matured and was signed to Suudi Entertainment in 2009 after which I decided to go solo until 2012 when I signed to Justin Buzz’s Switdrim Music.

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