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Fabiola not on Makerere graduation list

Balancing social life and school is not an easy thing. Second Chance actress and socialite Anitah Kyarimpa commonly known as Anitah Fabiola can attest to this. The socialite, who we all thought was a student at Makerere University studying Journalism and Communication, seems to have been eating her father’s school fees.
This being graduation week at Makerere University, we checked on the graduation list and Fabiola’s name was nowhere. We spoke to one of the students who shared class with the socialite since first year, and he said they last saw her in the first semester of second year.
This is quite disappointing, for someone who was recently among the speakers at the St Lawrence Schools career day. In her speech, Fabiola advised students on how to juggle passion and studies. We hope she will enroll for mature entry when this Second Chance gig is done.

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