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Barbie knocks down cyclist

On Monday evening, business came to a standstill in Kisaasi, a Kampala suburb after Barbie Kyagulanyi, wife to self-proclaimed Ghetto President Bobi Wine knocked down a cyclist. Barbie, who was trying to beat traffic jam on her way home hit the rider as she drove on the shoulders.
This forced other boda boda cyclists to gang up on her, demanding compensation for the damaged motorbike. The rider, whose name we did not get, was not injured but had his bike damaged by Barbie’s Tundra.
After talking to the mob riders, the Ghetto first lady promised to take care of the rider and also get his bike fixed. According to our source, Barbie sweet talked the riders and told them she would be back after getting money from home. They let her go but have apparently never seen her again.
Well, we hope the sweet Barbie actually sorts the guy out because we do not want to hear stories of her car being stoned.

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