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Mun G announces concert date


If there is any artiste who has suffered when it comes to concerts, it is Mun G. Looks like the rapper either gets the chills or he just has bad luck when it comes to holding concerts. The first concert he ever had at Kati Kati was a flop, but the musician thought it was possibly due to bad timing. That was 2014. A year later, the Ssejusa hitmaker with all his determination and a number of hits went all out to have one but two weeks to the concert, rumour started circulating that his ‘Byayanga’ concert would not happen because he did not inform KCCA about the show. The show was cancelled. Others said ‘Byayanga’, which literally means ‘things have failed’ was reason enough for the flop. Last year, he had no show and we shall now assume he was preparing for this year because the latest we have is that the musician will be at Freedom City on May 6.

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