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Madrat forced out of sick bed


After last weekend’s UG Dance Party show at Sheraton, we can only conclude that either comedian Madrat is too loyal to his job or that a contract is a contract!
It was quite unfortunate that on Christmas Day while the comedian and his partner Chiko were heading for a performance in Kyotera from Masaka, they were involved in an accident. Chiko came out safe but Madrat was injured and hospitalised at Nsambya hospital after receiving first aid in Masaka.
So it was surprising when the comedian appeared on stage with his partner, with a bandage on his arm. During the performance, you could see that the guy was not in the best shape. So whenever the guy screamed, we were not sure if he was doing so as part of the joke or trying to fight back the pain.
After the show, the duo was seen rushing to go perform at another show. Ssebo Madrat, health is wealth, get some rest!

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