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Koffi Olomidde for Pemba’s birthday bash

We are not so sure what kind of relationship Koffi Olomide has with Jack Pemba but whatever it is, it has to be close to the thickness of blood because the Congolese artiste will be performing for the socialite on his birthday on February 3.
“I confirm that I will be in Kampala for Jack Pemba’s birthday. We love Jack Pemba. He’s a friend and a brother so for his birthday, I will be there as a special guest. God bless you,” Koffi said.
What more confirmation do we need? Pemba was, however tight-lipped on how old he will be turning, where the party will be or how much he paid Koffi to come to Kampala.
The last time Koffi Olomidde was in East Africa, things did not go as expected as he was deported indefinitely after assaulting one of his dancers, just a day to his concert. Kenyans up to now have never forgiven him for that even after he apologised. Kenya may not be Uganda, but we hope that the Selfie singer and his team will be on their best behavior this time round.

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