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Jeff Kiwa eyeing another female artiste

Looks like Sheebah, Roden Y, Diamond Oscar, Chozen Blood and friends are in for some company.
After recently signing Desire Luzinda, Jeff Kiwa has spotted another gem and if all goes well, Tash K Tatu will be the newest member of Team No Sleep.
The little known artiste was seen performing at one of the theme nights at Laftaz where Jeff Kiwa is always spotted promoting his artistes’ music. During her performance, Jeff was heard telling members of his crew that Tash was a good artiste and would fit in TNS since her style was the kind he wants to promote.
Tash is a dancehall artiste with a few songs such as Kivampire, Owooma, Tuhangire and Love Yo among others. We also found out that Tash is being managed by her sister, who is based in Mbarara and she is not signed to any music group yet.

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