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Fika Salaama: Deejay SlickStuart and Jamal picked by Police



Last evening Deejay SlickStuart and artiste Jamal faced tough looking traffic officers on Kampala road. Since the Fika Salaama operation began, the traffic police have been setting up road blocks on many roads checking for valid driving permits, drink-driving culprits, motor third parties among other things.

Because he has a new car he acquired not more than five months ago, SlickStuart was almost clean, except that he had a learners permit which calls for an experienced driver to be by his side all the time.


At the time the traffic police stopped him, he was alone in the car and couldn’t give an explanation. It was at this point that he was handcuffed and driven away on a police patrol car along with others.

Jamal on the other side was probed on why he didn’t have a driving permit and his explanation was that he had a performance and just rushed out of the house without carrying the permit. He too was taken.

We do hope our celebs have been able to clear themselves so that they can get back to entertaining us.

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