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Bad Black calls her mother a witch

Praise the Lord! That is probably Bad Black’s signature greeting now. And knowing Bad Black, we are not sure how long her new born again self will last. The socialite is no stranger to controversy ever since she left prison. One day she is quiting booze, the next day she is born again, before long she is in the club drinking like a fish and then the next time she is building a church.
But one thing for sure is that when she gave her life to Jesus –again- at Miracle Centre Cathedral last week, she was not afraid to call out on some people, including her mother.
Bad Black, who recently changed her name to Snail Babie surprised everyone when she took to the podium and asked Pastor Kayanja to pray for her. We don’t know if it was a public stunt but whatever the ex-convict said during her confession was shocking.
“When I found God at Pastor Kayanja’s church, I called my mother and told her to join me. My mother is a witch but I asked her why she didn’t bewitch the judge not to send me to jail,” Black said. The socialite did not just end with that, she also claimed that most celebrities in Uganda were devil worshippers and that Kayanja should help and transform their lives. “All Ugandan artistes are devil worshippers because when I also tried to sing, I was advised to seek a witchdoctor for help and when I went there, the witchdoctor was calling God instead of her ancestors,” Black said, adding that it was the reason she believed that witchcraft doesn’t work.

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