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Bina Babie’s fans keep her going

Robinah ‘Bina Babie’ Mbabazi (L) and her fan Mirios Nagujja share a selfie moment. COURTESY PHOTO

RADIO LOVE: Bina Babie has been on radio for about 10 years and in that period, she has presented almost every programme on Dembe FM. She tells her fan Mirios Mubiru Nagujja about her radio journey and more.

Tell me about your school and family background.
I went to Kitante Primary School, Trinity College, Nabbingo (O-Level), St Joseph’s SS, Nagalama (A-Level) and Nkumba University where I studied a Diploma in Business Administration. I am currently at Cavendish University pursuing a degree in Public Relations and Media Management. I have also done short courses in radio and television broadcasting as well as sales and marketing.

You have been on radio for such a long time. What do you find interesting about it?
My listeners’ experiences, brain storming with the callers, experts such as lawyers, police, among others for solutions. Gone are the boring days when we just played music, sent greetings, played adverts. It is now challenging.

You have an awesome voice suited for TV. Why don’t you embark on that too?
Thank you. But working on TV is more than just the voice. It is about face value. I worked on UTV back then as a sexy announcer, news reader and talk show host. I also worked on WBS TV as a love chat presenter. But I’m no longer that appealing. I’m grown up and I don’t think I can attract viewers. They will just switch off their TVs.

What is your show all about?
My radio show is called Mubeezi, which means comforter. It is a weekly show that airs from 10am to 1pm. It focuses on social aspects of life, conflict in homes, abuse, domestic violence and health complications. I also get to play soothing songs for listeners to enjoy at work. I also give away lots of items such as mobile phones, flat irons, among others.

The show’s name suggests you counsel people. Have you ever taken a counselling course?
No, but through repeatedly handling cases that require counselling, I have gained experience. I also read a lot but for complicated cases I invite professional counsellors to studio.

Where did you learn to advise people from?
I used to listen to different radio stations during my S.6 vacation and I used to take note of how presenters communicated, then I would rehearse while recording myself.

Are you in any relationship?
No, I am not.

It is complicated. I was in a relationship for eight years but decided to take a break.

Who is your best radio presenter of all time?
Christine Mawadri, who once presented on KFM and Capital FM.

What did you like about Christine Mawadri?
Her engagement with the callers on air in that she kept her cool even with those who were off topic. She always sounded jolly on air. One day I was forced to ask whether she has bad days and she just laughed it off.

You have spent 10 years on radio. Can you do any other job outside radio?
Yes. It would be in the area of marketing because of the wide network I have built and the wealth of experience I have gained in sales over time.

Bina Babie opens up…

I am the first born of four siblings, I have a sister who lives in the US and three brothers. I am a Mukiga from Kabale, (the only area with strong, hardworking women haha). My father, the late David Baryahabwa Mulera was an inspector of secondary schools in the ministry of Education for 18 years and author of O-Level Agriculture text books. My Mutoro mother, Kate B. Mulera, is a retired human resource personnel and a businesswoman.
My real name is Robinah Mbabazi Mulera and Bina Babie is my radio alias. I am a kind, soft-spoken, open-minded and down to earth person but to strangers I am shy and quiet, which is often mistaken for pride, but I am not proud.

I had not noticed that I have worked on radio for more than 10 years. Eh! It sounds like forever, hahaha. Well, my radio journey started on Radio Uganda where I presented a request show on Green Channel for a year then moved to Dembe FM presenting a midmorning show. I then did the late night show, love show, then mid afternoon to early morning show. I am currently doing the midmorning show as well as working as a sales executive.

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