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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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Photo by Abubaker Lubowa

Photo by Abubaker Lubowa

In 2014 singer Desire Luzinda’s nudes were allegedly leaked by her estranged lover Franklin Emuobor. The nudes that flooded different social media platforms brought mixed reactions from Desire’s fans as the majority expressed pity for the singer pointing at the act as betrayal from her ex-lover.

Though the nudes were a disgrace to ethics and moral die hards in Uganda, they seemed to increase her popularity in the music industry as fans filled all her shows and concerts that she held just to have a closer look at the “Ekitone” hit maker.

This time round Desire’s second round of leaked nudes has not been perceived as the first one was.

Soon after they leaked, different people took to their Facebook forums and bashed the singer for intentionally leaking her nudes just to attract people’s attention.

They accused Desire of being an attention seeker who leaks her nudes as a way of seeking for potential funders to up her music career.

“Her market is low and she is now looking for a way of upping her game, let me hope she won’t come up with an excuse that one of her exes has leaked the nudes, I hope these particular nudes are for a purpose,”  posted Brianna love on Facebook.

Twikyirize Happiness accused her of using nudes as a tool of getting money from men.

“Desire Luzinda uses her nudes as a way of getting money from men and she usually leaks them when she is about to release a new hit, “said Twikyirize.

Alice Stella commended Desire’s good body but however noted that the way she exposes it is uncalled for.

“Truth be told, Desire has a hot body, but why should she expose her body on social media, please learn to respect your body,” she said.

Unlike in 2014 where Desire took to social media to apologise to her fans and family for her leaked nudes, she insists that these current photos were leaked by people who have seen her shine and want to resurrect old memories to put her down.

“When they see you shine, they bring back your past to haunt you, but sorry I’m moving forward,” she said in a social media post.

Sources close to the singer allege that Desire’s nudes could be as a way of promoting her new song  Kimala. They intimated to us that in 2014, her leaked nudes popularised her Ekitone song and the singer made lots of money and it is probably why she could have opted to leak her nudes again.

Desire has of recent been in the news for her provocative dress code which many have perceived as a marketing strategy.

At the recently concluded Abryanz fashion Awards, Desire was donned in a long dress which transparency exposed her thighs leaving hardly any room for imagination.



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