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That couldn’t have been a sober Meddie Nsereko

What could have befallen Meddie Nsereko at King Saha’s concert? Was it just excitement at being next to Winnie Nwagi or something else?

The CBS radio presenter went on stage at midnight and interfered with Nwagi’s performance, taking her offstage to greet a few bigwigs in the audience. And just when revellers thought he was done wasting their time, Nsereko went ahead and stopped the band from playing at a time when Saha was coming for his second session because he was “soliciting money from some people on Nwagi’s behalf”.

When the Musawo singer joined Saha on stage to do Science, Meddie followed the duo, pushed Saha aside as he was dancing with Nwagi and started rubbing his head on her stomach, like a jealous man.

And as if that was not enough, when Saha finished his performance, Nsereko kept calling him back to do one more song. He went on for more than seven minutes but Saha did not return on stage. As revellers exited the venue, he bragged how he couldn’t turn down Saha’s request to emcee at the show. Well, Saha might reconsider that next time.

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