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Kabonero meets Lewis Hamilton at Formula One


When people get money, they develop new hobbies. While you are in a bar playing pool, they are swinging clubs on the golf course and while you head to Busika for a rally, they are looking forward to the next Formula One event in one of the exotic destinations of the world. Well, last weekend, the Brazil Formula One race was held in Sao Paulo Brazil and some well-oiled Ugandans attended the event and among those was Casino tycoon Bob Kabonero who not only got to see the tight race but also got a chance to take a selfie with Formula One king Lewis Hamilton. We wondered how he could have gotten that close to the three-time British Formula One champion because not everyone with money gets up-close with the drivers but we later learnt that Bob Kabonero had VVIP access, thanks to his Blue Club membership. We heard that two other Ugandans, including Stanbic Bank MD Patrick Mweheire and business honcho Sidi Bagarukire who are also Blue Club members were with Kabonero at the event. We also leant that the Ugandans were given special treatment, as they were chauffeured in armoured KIA Carnival SUVs and booked into the luxurious Grand Hyatt Sao Paolo. They also had paddock access to the F1 cars. Well, even the Bible says, for those who have, more will be added.

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