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Is Desh running broke?


Earlier this week, Desh Kananura said he was not guilty of murder charges against him after the court hearing about his case resumed but that aside, we have come across reliable information that the Panamera boss is selling all his cars. Desh put all his cars on the market a few weeks ago and these include two Range Rovers; a Range Rover vogue 2015 at Shs450m and the other at Shs380m. He is also selling a Recce car Evo at Shs105m and an Evo lancer undergoing a rebuild at Shs158m. However, we have also leant that Duncan Kikankane Mubiru has bought the EVO X R4 rally car at Shs298m. This is the same car that ran out of fuel during Desh’s last rally a few months ago. We could not reach Desh to establish why he was letting go of his babies, but according to Lawrence, the admin of the Uganda Rally news page, the Panamera boss is trying to raise money to buy a 2017 Ford fiesta R5 which is estimated to cost Shs693m. In a Facebook post, Desh wrote: “…Decided to sell some of MY* cars as next year it’s going to be ****** I want to make sure I do not run out of fuel in the rally of pearl next year…” Well, we are not sure what ****** means but seeing Desh run out of fuel in the middle of rallies, is not like him. So for those who have been dreaming of owning a Range Rover, there you go. Martha Kay?

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