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DJ Roja-Slick Stuart manager ventures into kickboxing


They say a real hustler is the one who ventures where they see money regardless of how tricky, risky or dangerous the venture could be. This can best describe Brenda Nisha, a talent manager and businesswoman.
Nisha is singer Jamal Wasswa and DJ duo Roja and Slick Stuart’s manager. After organising the mixtape party, Nisha is not waiting for next year.
So she has decided to try her luck in kickboxing and as you read this, she has already secured the date and venue for a kickboxing event later in December.
Nisha is the brain behind an upcoming kickboxing match between Ugandan Kick boxer Sharif Bukenya and Kenya’s Franklin Plots. We are not sure if she even knows anything to do with kickboxing but who cares if there is paper to count?

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