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Esther Tebandeke breaks silence about her kiss with David Oyelowo


We have been seeing movie actors in compromising situations with each other but never before have we been told what exactly transpires on set. There are scenes when you get to see actors kissing and making love and you wonder whether it is for real.
And for those who have watched Queen of Katwe and know Esther Tebandeke, you must have moved in your seat when she kissed actor David Oyelowo.
In fact during the screening of the film, a couple of ladies screamed with envy, wishing that it was them in that scene. So we stole a brief moment with the actress after the movie to find out whether the kiss was real. Her response: “Ugandan ladies don’t kiss and tell”. Guess the mystery still lives on. Or maybe we should hunt down her husband Samuel Tebandeke to find out how he felt about the scene.

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