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Ann Nixon returns to school after losing NTV job


About two months ago, NTV released a statement, firing not one, but two employees, including Ann Nixon, the presenter of the Login show.

But unlike other people who start job hunting immediately they are fired, Ann Nixon has decided to return to school. We have reliably learnt that the former TV host will be travelling either to South Africa or UK to further her studies, pursuing a Masters in Marketing at Brand School in South Africa or Goldsmith University in the UK and she will be jetting out in February.

So should we buy wreaths for her TV career? “I’m not concentrating on TV right now. TV has been my life for a very long time and I cannot rule out making a comeback. But it will not be a Ugandan station.” Nixon said.

Also, wait for this! Apparently, it is not only books that are keeping her mind occupied at the moment, as she is looking forward to walking down the aisle with her longtime boyfriend, whom we are yet to identify. What can we say? All the best girl!

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