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Mbale’s Salongo joined radio in S.1

Radio host Salongo says he enjoys the travel benefits that come with his job. PHOTO by Denis Mukungu

Radio host Salongo says he enjoys the travel benefits that come with his job. PHOTO by Denis Mukungu

Early start: He was a ‘joker’ in school and when he was invited on radio one day, the boss asked him to stay. Fredrick Jordan Wobusime tells Denis Mukungu his story.

Who is Salongo?
My real name is Fredrick Jordan Wobusime. I am a radio presenter and TV show host on Step Radio and TV. I am a simple man but very difficult to understand, most times.

How long have you been on radio?
For more than 16 years. I joined radio when I was a young boy in my Senior One at Mbale Secondary School.

Senior One and working on radio? How did you manage to get on radio at such a tender age?
I am a very humourous guy, talkative and I used to joke a lot among my peers. So one day I was invited to a radio station by a colleague and I impressed the manager, who told me to go to the radio every day.

Were you being paid?
Hehehe. I used to earn Shs30,000, which would come after like six months.

16 years on radio. How has that benefitted your life?
The benefits are few. But I have been able to travel around the world. Whenever I am travelling outside Uganda, I am given a visa easily because I say I am in the media.

Any challenges you have faced in the media?
Payment still remains an issue. We work extremely hard but our pay takes time to arrive, yet we have needs to sort.

How do you compare radio then and now?
I must say there was little or no competition when I joined radio because there were a few radio stations unlike today where you get radios on every street.

Are you married?
Uhmmm… I have a fiancée. We had an Introduction ceremony and we have a son together.

Besides radio, what else are you involved in?
Well, I work with a number of NGOs that send volunteers to work in different communities and I help them find housing while going about their work.

Last words to your fans…
To my fans, I say, thank you for supporting me.

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