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Hustler : Suudi Ssentongo


The competition in production business has not worried Suudi Ssentongo. PHOTO by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Driven by passion: Kim XP gave him the experience and exposure he needed. And loaded with passion, Suudi Ssentongo, decided to set up his own production studio, investing just Shs100,000. Four years down the road, the business now fetches him a minimum of Shs2m a week, in profit.

What kind of business are you involved in?
I do production; TV commercials, billboards, photography and everything to do with camera work.

When did you start this business
In 2012 after saving some money.

Where did you learn production and why that line of business?
I studied Information Technology, but I am doing production because it is my passion. I was inspired by my best friend, Kaaya Munir, and my mentor Kim XP. I always wanted to create something unique so when I linked up with Kim XP, we would go to the field together and that is how I got the exposure.

How much did you invest in this business?
I started with Shs100,000 which I used to rent a camera. I remember we went to shoots on a boda boda with my friend Munir Kaaya. I paid Shs50,000 to a certain guy so I can edit the work on his computer. That is how I managed to save for my own place.

Where is this business located?
We are situated in Muyenga Forest Village.

Why this particular location?
The place is easy to locate and it is convinient for my clients.

How much do you charge in case someone wants to use your services?
My charges differ, depending on the kind of work, as well asterms and conditions.

How much do you earn from this business?
In a week, I can earn profits between Shs2.5m to Shs4m.

What are sthe challenges in this business?
Competition is tight. There are many people doing the same business but because of the uniqueness of my work, I also manage to get some clients.

How safe is this business for someone who is thinking of taking the same path?
All it requires is passion, knowing what to do and having contacts. If all the three are in place, anyone can sustain this business.

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