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Baby Gloria to hold a concert in September


Baby Gloria at 93.3 KFM studios. Photo by Stephen Otage

The artist you knew as Baby Gloria is not a baby anymore. In fact, Gloria Mulungi Ssenyonjo is a big girl now and is going to stage a concert soon. September 10 is when it will take place, at the National Museum grounds.

Accompanied by her parents who are her managers, Baby Gloria during the interview at 933 KFM, said the concert is sponsored by Movit and Mixa Kids (a children’s newspaper).

“The concert that I am having is for a cause. This time I am not doing it for the ghetto children but for the necessities. I need to visit the Mulago cancer institute for the children and offer any help that I can to at least see a smile on a person’s face,” she said.

She also said that some of the artistes who will be at her concert include Ruyonga, Levixone, Race T, Lenah Price, Little Tammy, and Jolly Tot Mills who is a sister and a musician as well.

Baby Gloria during an interview at 93.3 KFM studios. Photo by Stephen Otage

Baby Gloria during an interview at 93.3 KFM studios. Photo by Stephen Otage

Baby Gloria says her music has grown such that she now works with artistes like Ruyonga and Levixone and she hopes to feature other artists in her songs in the near future.

“I now compose my own songs and it feels nice singing a song whose lyrics you own. I once dreamt of a song that I went to the studio and sang and it came out perfectly. It is called God Wins and it is among the new songs that I have released,” she said.

The 14-year-old is a musician and a student at Word of Life International School, and is in Grade 10. She insists she is just like any normal child and is not given any special treatment by the students or even the teachers at school. She actually claims that no one really cares if she is a musician which makes her feel comfortable.

“The only time I get attention is when I am moving in public and a fan recognises me; that is when I stop and talk to them because I need my fans. They are the ones who make me what I am,” she says.

Sometimes she even has social media stalker who she knows how to deal with, with the help of her mother who manages her social media accounts.

And the name name Baby Gloria? Well the musician says she intends to keep using it because it has been her trademark since childhood and it will be a while before she changes it.

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