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Nyonyozi, adding shine to Rukiga culture


Cultural: Shine Angela Nyonyozi, 26, popularly known as Shine Omukiga is an upcoming musician that has concentrated on promoting and conserving the Banyakigezi culture through her songs. She spoke to Robert Muhereza about her self and her music career.

Shine Omukiga is your stage name, what is the story behind it?
The story behind my stage name is all about promoting my kikiga culture and making it shine through songs. I came up with this stage name to tell the world that omukiga can also shine, in local music that popularizes community activities such introductions, giveaways, weddings among others.

At what stage did you develop the talent of being a musician artist?
I started composing and writing songs in my primary school and by Senior Two, I had a whole exercise book of 96 pages full of songs but I never had means of having them recorded in studios and releasing the albums. It’s from this book that I pick some of them, which I improve to fit the current demands of society.

So its like you nursed the dream of being a musician at a tender age?
No no, my dream was to become a lawyer but the fact that I was a member of music dance and drama I ended up loving the music career.

So what happened to your dream career?
It was abandoned because of my love for music dance and drama.

When does your story of being a music artiste begun?
My story as a music artiste actually started in 2012 after realising that there were little or no songs about Bakiga culture and it was only Baganda songs that were being played during Bakiga cultural ceremonies of wedding, giveaway, introduction among others. Because of this I felt I should come in and offer Kikiga cultural songs for the local people to appreciate besides making the cultural ceremonies relevant.

How many songs have you so far released?
I have composed about 25 songs in my own Rukiga language and so far 15 have already been released and 10 are still in the studio being polished up. Some of the hitg songs include Keitesi, Omukundwa, Obulimi, Magnet, Abakyamu, Kikiga juice featuring Aganaga.

What kind of a person are you beyond the music industry?
I am a fun loving person and watching movies, listening to music and travelling are some of my hobbies. Pork is my best meal. I have a fiancé that I have been dating for the last seven years and we respect each other.

What do think makes your music unique compared to others?
It is so unique because I write and compose it myself and because Rukiga language is my mother tongue, I find it easy to spice it well to fit the demands of my fans unlike other artistes from different regions that struggle to sing in Luganda that is not their mother tongue.

Who is your role model in this approach of singing?
Yvonne Chaka Chaka

What are some of the challenges that you encounter in this music industry?
Producing a music album is so expensive and lack of money is my main challenge. The fact that people have been used to songs in other languages especially English and Luganda, promoting and marketing songs produced in Rukiga is another challenge because of the language barrier especially in other communities of Uganda.

What are your future plans?
On August 19, I will be having a live show at Kabale Little Ritz Gardens. Gates open by 6pm. Re-known comedienne Anne Kansime will be present. Entry fees is Shs10,000 ordinary while VIP is Shs20,000 and round table is Shs50,000. Also expect performances from artistes such as Fact Zamani, Jose Karus, Big Channel, Dig Man, Cracker Dancers, among others.

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