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KFM’s Doreen is single


Harriet Mutawe (R) met KFM’s Doreen early this week.  PHOTO by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Harriet Mutawe (R) met KFM’s Doreen early this week.
PHOTO by Isaac Ssejjombwe

IN THE ZONE: Doreen Nasasira is a presenter of an evening programme on KFM called K-Zone. Although we can ably say it is a love show, she is single as her fan Harriet Mutawe found out.

When did you join KFM?
Well joined KFM in January 2014.

What has been your radio journey?
My radio journey has been an interesting one. I did my internship at UBC Radio and ended up staying there for six months. Later, I joined Bob FM, a country music station, and they taught me the basics of radio and how to become a radio presenter.
I remember I was thrown on different shows randomly. The first time I went on air, I did a night show from midnight to 4am. Since I feared going back home in the wee hours of the night, I used to sleep in the studio until the next morning. Presenters would come through for their show at 6am and find me there.
I did that for a year with no facilitation but because I really loved what I was doing, I persisted until one day I was given a mid-morning show called the ‘Bob builder’ which I did for about three years. In the meantime, I kept doing some demos to a few radio stations but my favourite was Kfm. One day, I was given a call to come and do a voice test. I wasn’t given the job but was told ‘that my voice was young and needed to mature’. That took me another year to work on. l went back and they told me to work on my smile. I kept on pushing until they called me for the job. I was given a Saturday show and was also a sit-in presenter. Now, I do a daily show called ‘the K-Zone’ every week night from Monday to Friday, 8pm till midnight.

What is K-Zone all about and why do you think you are the perfect person for the programme?
The K-Zone show is about creating connections and mending hearts, listen to people’s problems and I set them free. I don’t judge them. Basically it’s about interaction, give people a shoulder to cry on plus the show is also wrapped in the best love ballads. I think I was chosen for this programme because I am the suitable person for it.

Has presenting been your dream?
Yes, it has been my dream. I did a course in Journalism and Mass Communication, so this is me achieving my goal.

What qualities should a presenter have?
A presenter should be open- minded, should be able to fit in every character and be empathetic.

Who are some of your best radio presenters?
The only person I looked up to, the only person that made me love radio; the only person that made me pursue radio was the late DJ Ronnie (RIP). I used to imitate him, do dummy shows pretending that I was doing a show but at the end of it all it paid off.

What is the weirdest thing a caller has ever told you?
There was this one time a listener called me on air and he boldly told me that he was listening in while in the loos. After that, he gave me a long flying kiss. I was speechless for some time but I had to return his flying kiss.

What do you love about your programme?
I love to listen to the vast ideas, perceptions perspectives plus experiences of different relationships. There’s stuff to always surprise me. And then the love songs.

Do you have any idea of the person who invented radio and the year was it made?
What a question! Anyway it was some Italian man called Guglielmo Marconi, he’s the guy that proved the feasibility of radio communication back in 1895, he sent and received his first radio signal in Italy.

Every presenter has a niche on radio, what’s yours?
Let me say, I am a very interactive and warm person on air.

Are you married, dating, or searching?
I’m single and comfortable.

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