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Date with a celeb : Muhangi, ‘biggest fan’ discuss comedy

Muhangi and Asiimwe during a social function.  PHOTO by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Muhangi and Asiimwe during a social function.
PHOTO by Isaac Ssejjombwe

FAMILY MATTERS: Alex Muhangi prides himself for being a Mukiga and most of his jokes are about the western region. He is one of the finest comedians in the country today. Ironically, he decided to meet Prim Assimwe, who also happens to be his girlfriend and biggest fan, to discuss comedy.

How best can you describe yourself?
I am a Stand-up Comedian, Music Producer and very hardworking.

How is Alex Muhangi the comedian different from Alex Muhangi the person?
They are more like the same; the difference is that one is prepared for stage while the other is always rather calm.

Comedy is rapidly on the rise in Uganda. Who would say has been behind that rise?
But thanks now that you’ve noticed, I think a couple of comics have worked really hard but the credit goes to the entire Comedy industry, we will not let go.

When did you realize that you are a comedian?
2009 I auditioned for Stand-Up Uganda a TV that saw many of us get born.

Did you always want to be a comedian?
My parents wanted me to be a lawyer…so I guess that’s what I also wanted. My grandfather wanted me to be a reverend; I wanted to be a footballer, so I was confused. At school, I played everything; volleyball, lawn tennis, football, basketball … yeah even basketball, I’m telling you I was confused.

If it wasn’t for comedy, what would you be doing now?
I am a Farmer; I run a Music Production house called Masters Music. I would be with those.

Did you study MDD for you to be a comedian?
I earned a Bachelor in Mass Communication & later a Diploma in Sound Engineering.

Comedians are taken to be unserious people. Is this the case with you?
Well, it depends on your description but I am serious sometimes even when I’m telling jokes.

How far has comedy taken you?
To America, I performed at the Dallas Arlington earlier this year, that right there is going places.

Give me a reason why someone would be interested in joining comedy?
There is Money if you can maintain a good craft.

Have you ever gotten stage fright?

How come?
Stage fright happen when you are not ready for a performance, but most of my times I’m ready.

Who is your best comedian and why?
I love Many, Salvado, Anne Kansiime, Omara, Madrat & Chiko, Prince Emma, Cotilda, Pablo, Mc Mariachi, Mc Kapale, Amooti, Smart, etc. I also love Basketmouth, Trevor Noah, Bovi, Eddie Kadi, Eric Omondi & Russell Peters.

Where do your jokes come from?
I prepare for everything. I write down every joke I am going to share. Mostly I get the jokes from looking at real life situations, like the Bakiga and Banyankore jokes, it is just an exaggeration of something people know and it comes off as funny. Someone may sit and think they can be funnier or can tell better jokes, but comedy is an art. One has to prepare.

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