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DJ Roja and Slick-Stuart get manager


From henceforth, if you want to talk business with DJs Roja and Slick-Stuart, please follow protocol because they are no longer at liberty to speak for themselves.
As we write, the two DJs have been signed to Bridgette Nisha as their manager. Nisha will be responsible for their movements, interviews, working schedules, dress code and gigs.
Nisha said Roja and Slick-Stuart are hardworking and cooperative, which impelled her to sign them. She also hinted that they were working on their next mix-tape party which will be coming soon.
Nisha is no stranger to the industry as she has been managing Jamal Wasswa of the Bakyala Baziira fame for close to 10 years. If her past success is anything to go by, then Roja and Slick are surely headed for greater heights.

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