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Bad Black to celebrate 27th birthday with open bar


Bad Black shortly after leaving jail

There has been a heated debate going on since she left jail, on whether Bad Black, real name Shanita Namuyimba, still has money.
And she hasn’t come out to prove herself or been seen splashing it in bars like before, but if the investments she has put in her music is anything to go by, then we should take her mega birthday party plan seriously.
Black may have recently declared to turning to God and also prayed for Uganda on live TV, but that doesn’t mean she won’t celebrate her birthday in typical Bad Black style – an open bar theme night.
The Mud Guard singer hinted this on her social media page, saying “…Don’t miss open bar, as long as you are in black & yellow.”
Unlike before when she used to just crush parties without invitation, Black has let her fans choose the place where the party should be.
With that open place choice for the fans and an open bar theme, seems this is the time we shall have our answer. Does Bad Black still have money?

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