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Bernard says making a movie is quite costly and yet the rewards never match up. PHOTO by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Living the dream: After completing his A-Level education in 2005, Bernard Sseruwagi had two things on his mind; music and acting, but he decided to go for the former, believing it was an easier gateway to his dream.

What kind of job do you do?
I am an actor and movie producer.

When did you start doing this?
I started in 2010 after bringing together a team that I had acted with in a film titled Sudden Intimacy, which I produced.

What is the name of your company?
It is called Brave Peak film production.

What role did you play in that movie?
I was the main lead and it earned me great experience and also prepared me for new challenges and criticism from the audience.

Besides Sudden Intimacy, what other movie did you participate in?
In 2011, I was contracted to work for Wine House, a company based in South Sudan. I was tasked to write and direct their film, Unusual Success. I encountered several challenges with the team but finally got done with the project. I also did Into Her Hands, a story focusing on a rich woman’s extraordinary love for her daughter; a love that led to revenge, rage and death. Then I also took part in Wasted, a high school film centred around the life of teenagers, relationships, drugs and how the school resolved all these issues. It focused on wealth, murder and the power of God to rescue humanity, among others.

How would you say you have benefited from this job?
I have learnt so many things, met many people and I am earning a living through film. Besides that, so many people have got to watch my movies and some come for assistance to be a part of the movie industry.

And what challenges are you facing being in movie business?
Making a movie is costly, especially in Uganda in that you can invest in so much yet you will not get even a quarter of what you put in and there is also a lot of unprofessionalism in all circles.

How much do you charge to produce a movie?
The price is negotiable, depending on the scenes and type of film, but we charge from Shs3m up.

Where can someone find you?
We have a studio in Kyaliwajjala. But you can reach us on 0703861116.


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