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Fans hurl insults at Bebe Cool at Namboole


If there is one singer who has suffered the Tubonga Naawe artistes’ boycott wrath, it has to be Bebe Cool. Just recently, after enduring abuse and threats on social media, the Kasepiki singer was forced to cancel his Tondeka Ekiwatule concert on Easter Monday. But on Tuesday evening at Namboole stadium where thousands of revelers had gone to catch the live action of the Uganda Cranes and Burkina Faso match that ended 0-0, Bebe Cool saw first-hand the meaning of ‘tired people’.
Being a Uganda Cranes ambassador, the singer sneaked into the stadium as everyone else concentrated on the game. At the end of the 90 minutes, fans who couldn’t hold their anger over lost points made their way out of the stadium cursing the Fufa and missed opportunities. That is when they spotted the singer riding in his Hummer with words Tubonga Naawe.
The fans started uttering all sorts of abusive words that we just cannot print out here.
But he cared less, or seemed to; continuously flashing the thumbs up sign in the slow moving jam.

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