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The Salvado pizza is here

Endorsements and merchandise are some of the aspects that have not been much utilised in our entertainment sector. And when someone comes out to try to create a product out of their fame, we give them a standing ovation!
Ladies and gentlemen, let’s join hands for comedian Patrick Idringi aka Salvado for his latest initiative – ‘The Salvado Pizza.’
And as plain simple and basic as it sounds, it is all about a special pizza being made and customised with the comedian’s name – Salvado.
We have it on good authority that Salvado spent the better past of January interviewing leading chefs, before he chose four chefs to make a good product.
Salvado then embarked on putting up a pizza kitchen at Laftaz Lounge. The kitchen is now ready and the first Salvado pizzas were made on Wednesday.
Salvado told us that the feedback from comedy lovers that had turned up for the weekly Mic check comedy night was amazing.
“I am glad people like the pizza. I have already collected tens of orders for lunch tomorrow and other people said they will drop by.”
Jonathan Kyeyo, the commercial manager for the Salvado pizza brand, said they are partnering with popular spots in different areas to ease reach. “We don’t have clear addresses in Uganda, so we shall use popular spots in different areas where people can pick the pizza in a few minutes after ordering,” Kyeyo told us.
Salvado and his team told us that the final pricing for the different of Slavado Pizzas will be made public later today. Great stuff Salvado!

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