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Singer Spice Diana dragged to police over missing laptop!


Our sources from Kibuye Police Post were equally shocked as you are right now. Indeed, when they called us with news about singer Spice Diana being taken as a suspect in a missing laptop case, we thought it was mistaken identity. But it took a source from the complainant’s camp to qualify the info as true.
It is said the singer allegedly made off with a laptop belonging to little-known music producer, Dr Fizol, after a disagreement. It is also alleged that the two had been involved in a romantic affair for some time. Diana, known for her Onsanula hit, had allegedly been with the said laptop since January and had sworn to the complainant that she would only return it over her dead body.

Well, after a lot of begging and bargaining, Dr Fizol opted for legal action against the singer. The singer was arrested and taken to Kibuye Police Post where the two were advised to resolve the matter amicably or Diana be taken to court. We have learnt that Diana accepted to produce the laptop and she was given police bond.

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