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Sheeba to start self-defense classes

If you happen to come across ‘Team No Sleep’ artiste Sheeba Karungi in a gym, don’t be surprised as she is embarking on self-defense classes following a break in at her apartment a few days back.
The former Obsessions singer and dancer is known to party till the wee hours of the night but on Wednesday, she received uninvited guests at her apartment and they virtually stole everything they could set their eyes on.
“My day whole day has been a mess because of some fools that can’t work for themselves but love eating off people’s sweat. You break into a single woman’s apartment and steal.” She lamented.
Despite a lot of property being stolen, the ‘Nkwatako’ artiste was mostly hurt by her accolades. “Some stuff you took meant a lot to me than your peanut minds would ever understand. Why would you steal my award anyway? Time for those self-defense classes. I can’t wait for your return losers. She concluded.

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