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Radio & Weasel album launch and Hollywood deal


Unlike in the past when they were in the news for breaking records, 2015 was more about their possible break-up. Not much was written about their music. But Radio & Weasel released quite a number of songs that rocked; let’s say their management has not handled their publicity the way it did in the past.
But hey, they are starting the year with serious news; firstly, Radio & Weasel might be headed to Hollywood this year. Yes, according to a recent post on their official Facebook page, the dynamic duo indicated that they landed a Hollywood deal. The deal is that one of the duo’s songs is going to be featured as a soundtrack for an upcoming movie.
“We have just sealed a deal with Hollywood. One of our songs will be a soundtrack in an upcoming movie,” the post read! And as we tried to find out the lucky song from the duo, we landed on some other interesting information; the duo’s upcoming album launch concert.
And as has been the case for the past five years, the duo will host their fans at Hotel Africana People Space on the second Friday of May for their Omwana Wabandi concert.
Word is that the duo received hundreds of thousands of dollars from a yet-to-be-identified promoter, who bought management rights for all the concerts. Worry not, we shall be back with the details.

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