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Chameleone not holding concerts anytime soon


Some will say he has no new songs, but truth is, Chameleone has no time to organise a concert. Why? The answer is quite simple; the singer is too busy on President Museveni’s campaign trail!
And as such, Jose Chameleone will this year break a norm he has maintained for the past four years; being among the first musicians to hold a concert in the first quarter of the year.
The message was delivered in a fun video posted by events host Daggy Nyce on his Facebook page. In the video, Daggy Nyce is seen enjoying some time with Chameleone and top DJ duo, Slick Stuart and Roja, during the Kadanke fest at Hotel Africana recently.
When DJ Roja asked Chameleone when he intended to stage his concert, the singer instead gave that day’s date. And when Roja asked again, Chameleone shook his head, and then swung his hand, as if wiping off the matter.
We shall wait and see if the singer will clear the air on the matter, or at least give us a date for after the presidential elections.

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