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App : Caustic 3

Do you sometimes find yourself bobbing your head along to the rhythm in a taxi, or composing silent melodies in your head that you know would sound amazing if only you could record them at that moment? Then you should check out Caustic 3, the latest version of the popular mobile music-making machine.

The user interface of Caustic 3 is composed of multiple racks that you flip through with the help of a slider on the side. Below each rack is its respective piano roll where you input notes and build patterns.
These patterns are combined to create songs using the sequencer window. With this powerful tool, one can use one of 14 different synthesisers, vocoders and drum machines to create that perfect sound on the move. Caustic 3 is a deep and complex app, so be prepared to put some time into it, but the results are great.

The good
• Extremely capable music creation tool
• Video tutorials help you master Caustic 3

The bad
• Hard to use by absolute beginners.

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