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Enjoy meaty Wednesdays at Protea Hotel

Yummy: If you are no vegeterian, then meat is probably your weakness. If you care for a midweek treat, EDGAR R. BATTE has you covered.
Wednesday nights at Protea Hotel Kampala are quite a buzz. Meat lovers flock the hotel to enjoy a night out where it is all about different types of meat, with the barbeque serving starting from 7pm.
You will find singles, couples, family and fun lovers alike, in a group ready to catch up over something meaty. It is a well-deserved midweek treat that will cost you Shs35,000. If you are 10 people and more, then you get a discount at Shs30,000 per person.
They serve salads and vegetable desserts to go with the barbeque that include the traditional South African braai and different sauces. The pork ribs are tasty too. If you like it marinated, or chops, you will be treated to your desire.
The deal is that you can have as much as you like and are free to return to the servicing table. Carry more money for drinks.
If you prefer fine dining, you might want to consider hanging out there on other nights. Wednesdays sometimes get rather loud, not with the knocking glasses or forks and knives, but loud conversations and little ones playing about. It is a bubbly night.
Guests have the option of sitting inside the dining area or the exterior, on the verandah and in the well-maintained lawns. The hotel’s bar is well-stocked and waiters and waitresses endeavour to deliver to the standards.
As you wash down the meal with some wine, champagne, beer or a soft drink, care to appreciate the decoration of hand-sewn baskets placed on top of the lights to artistically dim them. The lights are suspended from the ceiling, which if you keenly scrutinise, are with some cracks and need some touch up.
If you are a resident and have to stay a few days, you will enjoy heavy breakfast which served with some champagne too and a few frothy drinks. Protea is conveniently located along Acacia Avenue, so accessibility is not a big issue.

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