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How to be… Farouk Miya



Farouk Miya was the star at last Sunday’s game between Uganda and Togo.PHOTO BY Ismail Kezaala

Football star. He led us to victory last Sunday when we thumped Togo in the World Cup qualifers match on Sunday. Those who know him say Farouk Miya is disciplined, humble, hardworking and his ease with targets goes without saying. Ian Ford Nkera tells you why this Cranes golden boy is worth emulating.

If you have also followed Farouk Miya closely like I have done over the recent months, I am sure you have run out of superlatives to describe this guy. He is always one game away from getting on the scoresheet and has done this consistently in many soccer matches this year, of which many of the goals have proved decisive. His latest casualties being the Adebayor-led Togo, where he bagged two goals to send them crashing out of the World Cup qualifiers. Simply unbelievable!
As you give excuses for not meeting your targets at work, remember that a certain 19-year-old might singlehandedly lead us into the World Cup, so be very ashamed of yourself. In Miya lies a star in the making and with proper counsel, he could go on to realise his full potential at the highest level. If you want to be like Miya, here is your guide:

Stay humble and level-headed
The problem is that when a Ugandan starts making it, he wants to buy about 12 colognes and wear them at the same time. Dude hits one big deal and wants to buy a Range Rover but still rents in Nakulabye. A guy with little fame will start impregnating any female and feel the need to create a nursery at his home.
For now, Miya seems like he still has his head firmly placed on his shoulders and that is admirable. So, if you want to be like Farouk Miya, do not let your success get to your head. Mbu Samsung S6 for an MTN line, an iPhone6 for Airtel and Huawei P8 for Vodafone. What for? You will look like a thief who has done ‘shopping’ at Lugogo Cricket Oval after an International music Concert.

Shoot on target
If you have scored about four children from about four different women before the age of 30, I pray the game goes into halftime. My man, you need a break. Farouk Miya is enjoying a similar hot streak but doing it in front of a goal post. The guy would have to be amputated to stop scoring goals. If you want to be like our new hero, it is time to hit your goals and stop making excuses. Do not let someone’s daughter fade as badly as the curtains in your house before you propose to her. Do that and you will have scored a hat-trick but if you cheat on her with the housemaid, that will be an own goal.
If you get promoted to being the boss of your old boss, that is a dangerous substitution. Seize the moment.

Discipline and hard work
Miya is certainly not the most talented among his peers. People who have worked with him say he gives his all, so what is your excuse to leave work before 5pm? Guys these days give the lamest excuses for missing out on work assignments; mbu allergies and sinuses. What’s that nonsense? Give your all if you really want that promotion so that no one takes credit for your success. Would you imagine that Miya is a second year student at Kyambogo University even with that stereotype about books being taboo to footballers? Well, he is juggling books and football, which says a lot about the boy. Sheer focus and discipline, virtues that are lacking in many of us today.
The problem is that the only juggling people know is the one with their lovers. You find a chick with a Ugandan, Kenyan and Tanzanian guy. Madame, are you playing your own version of Cecafa?

Be everyone’s hero and leader
Once in a while, you need someone to step forward and lead the group. It takes a lot of grit for someone that young to become the leader of the team. Despite his young age, Miya has accepted the challenge of leading a team of largely older guys and propelling it forward.
The bigger the challenge, the happier you should be to take it on. Be the blue-eyed boy to your boss. Take on any assignment regardless of how hard it appears though some workmates might hate on you for this.
Try to be a hero at all times. If your girlfriend in Najjera complains of a stomach upset, come flying from as far as Kajjansi to bring painkillers and lend comfort. Always be available to save the day unless, of course, your ex is asking for a soft loan. In such a case, do not oblige whatsoever.
There you have it. Feel free to be like our Golden Boy Farouk Miya.
This is a humour column and the views expressed henceforth may not necessarily be an objective assessment of the individual or group.

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