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New rapper releases song praising Juliana


Artistes are known to beef for different reasons; their achievements, having a new car, hit song, successful concert etc! But with rapper Fefe Bussi’s latest hit titled Juliana Kanyomozi, things seem to have taken a fundamental change. Instead of beefing, new kid on the block, Mukiiza Frank, a.k.a Fefe Bussi, decided to pen lyrics praising Juliana.
It is the first time in the history of Ugandan music that a singer came out of studio with a song titled and in praise of a fellow singer. In the song, the little-known rapper who prefers to add the tagline ‘skinny rapper,’ sings about how he fell in love with Juliana from the first time he watched her music video. The 21-year-old rapper sings about how he wanted to attend Juliana’s concert but did not even have money for ‘break’ at school.
The singer attacks Juliana’s ex-lovers Amon and boxer Kassim Ouma for cheating on a beauty like her. Fefe also goes on to say he was an ardent fan of Tusker Project Fame all the years, but he never noticed any talent, but rather anxiously waited for the moment the cameras faced in Juliana’s direction.
The song might not be a hit as yet, but it will definitely get Juliana blushing. It also brings out Fefe as a talented rapper and it will sure win him many hearts out there.
Efforts to get a comment from Fefe were futile as his known phone numbers were not available. However, we would love to see the look on Juliana’s face when she finally gets to listen to the song!

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