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Let’s squash the beef – Kenzo asks promoter Mujungu


Rumour has been making rounds that singer Eddy Kenzo’s international manager Johnson Mujungu of Grajoh Management will be taking legal action against him anytime soon.
The decision culminated from a breach of contract on Kenzo’s part when the artiste failed to fly to London to perform at the Grajoh-organised annual 2Beloved gala last weekend in London.
Mujungu confirmed to us that he has envisaged seeking legal redress if Kenzo does not come up with a solution yet he had been paid a deposit of $4,000 (about Shs14m). However, Kenzo described Mujungu as abusive and arrogant, blaming him for “failing to secure him a UK visa while he was on tour in the US”, yet he had given him assurance that he would pull it off.
“I kept ‘budging’ Mujungu to send me visa requirements for a month, but he seemed unbothered, making me stay in a hotel in New York that he paid for a week. I was shocked to see him blaming on me,” Kenzo said.
However, Mujungu said Kenzo never notified him when he was leaving Uganda: “Dude left Uganda without telling me, yet that is where he was supposed to do his visa interview. He is not being honest. I have various private conversations in which he blames his management and pleads that he could not go for a visa interview in the US until after his shows.”
However, Kenzo called for truce, “I believe in peace and I urge my brother Mujungu to agree and we sit down and find a way forward for the better of both of us.” Over to you Mujungu!

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