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It was time to move on – Nutty Neithan and Just Jose agree


There have been rumours that singer Nutty Neithan and former manager Just Jose of Supernova Music, do not see eye-to-eye after a fierce separation.
However, both camps called us and cleared the air, saying they have no bad blood and that they simply reached a mutual understanding to move on.
“I had signed a one-year contract, when it was time up, I chose to embark on a new journey,” said Nutty Neithan, before concluding that there was nothing like a bad separation or disagreement.
Jose on the hand told us that Nutty Neithan had grown and he found it deserving to let him move on.
“As Supernova, we do not regret the decision at all, because we did what we had to do to for him. We wish him the best of luck,” Jose told us.
Rumour had been making rounds that the Bakuwe Kyonywa star was becoming disgruntled with the share his management was taking off his pay. There were also allegations that Neithan had started doing shows behind his management’s back.
We want to believe that all is well between the two camps.

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