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Fashion tip : The celine trapeze bag


The celine trapeze bag: Every fashionable woman likes to make a statement, but sometimes when you get shopping you only focus on our clothes and not accessories. But bags have a way of spicing up your look. But the kind of bag also matters.

In case you have been looking to update your bag collection and you are still not sure of what to buy, then worry no more. We have got you covered.
The Celine Trapeze bag is the bag you should be splurging on. This designer tote is very stylish, classy and easy to match.
From jeans, to maxi dresses, this bag will be what you need for your next errands to complete your casual look.
The exotic bag brand comes in a whole lot of shades from a popping red, to a calm and still beautiful grey, all of which give you the luxury of always being able to switch them from time to time.
For a first look, you can add a red bag, to an all-black which look, complete with a statement blazer and shoes.
For a more relaxed look, you can add this bag to your sweat pants and tank top look, to achieve a weekend look.
This bag will also work well as a statement piece, by keeping the other accessories toned down and let the bag be the focus of your outfit.
Many of the bag shops around town will have at least three samples of this bag, and it will set you back by about Shs200,000 to Shs500,000, depending on where you purchase it. The genuine version of these bags, however, goes for a whopping $3,000 (about Shs1.5m).

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