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A night of jokes in the wild


Last Saturday night, Camp Comedy lit up Botanical Gardens, Entebbe. It was all about laughing in the wild at the first Camp Comedy experience organised by comedian Felix Jesero, aka Dolibondo.
Many people carried their tents, mats and blankets to the all-night event.
The show started at 8pm, hosted by comedian Emma Napoleone. Throughout the night, different comedians took to the stage to perform. Some of the audience favourites included Arthur Da’vaccine, Bright Onak, Ken Vanmuk, Omukebete and Afande Kelekele.
Dolibondo also came up on stage to crack a few jokes before Mendo took over with his latest character, Teacher Mpamire. The highlight came a few minutes after midnight when campfires were lit. Different groups of people sat around the fires as they told stories while DJ Nimrod played music in the background.
It was around 5am that people started to leave the gardens, clearly it was a night well spent.

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