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Vampino in and out of hospital over ‘Macho man’ antics


Women like protective guys – that is a fact. And singer Vampino played that role right – seven years ago when he tried to protect his lover at the time from thugs who tried to snatch her gold necklace.
“They beat me up with logs and iron bars, but I at least played the real man’s role,” Vampino told us.
However, Vampino (a few months ago) started feeling strange pains in his neck.
When the singer visitied a clinic, he was advised to go to Mulago hospital for an X-ray. The doctors told him that one of his vertebra bones had moved out of position.
The prescribed therapy requires him to see a doctor at Mulago every day for the next two months.
Vampino was quick to dismiss reports by tabloids and gossip sites that suggested he was bedridden: “I feel so much pain sometimes, but I go about my business normally; I still perform everyday and I am not bedridden.”
He said he trusts Mulago will do a great job; “But in case they fail, I will fly to the US. But my doctors here told me I would be well in two months.” We wish him a quick recovery!

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