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KFM to get new presenter in Super Star talent search

Have you dreamt of being a radio presenter before? Do you feel you have what it takes to become a radio presenter, or are you jobless and feel you could compete to get a radio job? KFM radio is providing you with an opportunity to make your dream come true.

The Monitor Publications station is going to carry out a talent search for a new radio presenter to host a show on the mighty station that provides better information and the best music.
According to Joseph Beyanga, the KFM programmes director, the search kicks off next week and it will be dubbed the KFM Super Star talent search. The search, which will run under the tagline “Olina Ekitone?”, will be targeting young, fun and music-loving individuals.
“All one needs to do is make a short voice recording talking about themselves, their interests and why they think they are the best radio presenter. The recording should not exceed one minute. Then you will whatsapp it to 077-2-722 191,” Beyanga said.
He added that several recordings will be played during particular times everyday for the public to listen. However, an internal team will sit and choose the top 10 voices, which will compete for the top slot.
“When the 10 voices are finally chosen, the public will vote on our Facebook page, and other avenues that we will communicate. The winner will get to present his or her own show on KFM and will be fully paid for their services. Keep listening to 9 3.3 KFM,” Beyanga said, promising that they shall also interview the winner in the Sqoop magazine, guaranteeing them celebrity status.

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