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Hustler : Rajab Mutebi


Money hunt: Rajab Mutebi started his business with Shs2m, today he earns profits worth Shs800,000 a month from distributing music.

When did you start doing this kind of business?
In 2010.

Which artistes have you distributed music for?
Jackie O, Grace Nakimera, Ziza Bafana, Goodlyfe, among others.

How much do you earn from this business in a month?
In a month, I can make Shs800,000.

What challenges do you face doing this business?
Power shortage is my major problem. Just like other arcades, we spend most of the days without power yet our machines operate on electricity.

Where is this business located?
We are at Majestic plaza, Shop 32, Level 2 on Kampala Road.

How much did you invest in this business?
About Shs2m.

And what do you do with the profits?
I am investing in video libraries and doing some bit of farming.

Where did you get the interest to do this kind of job?
I was inspired by people like Ram singles and Biggo Bfx. The way they made names from big artistes, I also want to be the guy who made so and so a well-known musician.

Can you break down the process you go through to distribute this music?
I make non-stop audio and video tracks that I give to libraries, clubs and street vendors who also give them to their clients. Besides that, I also upload them on the Internet for people who like using social media to download.

Who are your target clients when distributing music?
The down town people are my target audience.


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