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Hustler : MC Mason


Mc Mason, real name George Rumanyika, is an emcee and radio presenter. He emcees at hangout joints on Friday and Saturday evenings and juggles this with presentingThe Jump Off mid-morning show on Hot 100 and the Super Saturday show.

How did you get the name Mason?
I just came up with it. The name is interesting and unique.

When did you start emceeing?
I started way back in 2004 when I was still in my S.3 at Bukoto High School.

What made you think you are a good emcee?
The response I always got from the students whenever I held the microphone was proof that I was good. High school students are the hardest audience to please but I did it.

Besides schools, where else have you emceed from?
I have emceed at Sharing Hall, bars and clubs like Alfredos, Hi-Table, Galaxy Club, Champions Bar and Asylum.

Of the two – radio presenting and emceeing, which would you forego?
I can’t forego any because they are related.

For how long can you speak on a microphone?
That depends. If I’m speaking no-stop, I can go for 10 minutes and minimum three minutes.

Do you take anything for confidence, say alcohol before you hold the microphone?
I don’t use anything. Things just come naturally.

How much do you charge to emcee in a club?
I charge between Shs100,000 and Shs150,000 a night.

Have you faced any challenges doing this job?
The only challenge is getting into a place where the person who got me the gig is the only person who knows me and I have to call for him every time I need something.

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