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Meddie Ssentongo says Fabiola is the one

He rocked the social scene; he tossed money in the air in several hangouts, but Meddie Ssentongo had never made any public appearance with a particular woman.
He did not even for a few minutes, publicly appear with rumoured estranged lover Bad Black.  He simply watched tabloids and all media outlets speculate and take wild guesses about his possible lovers.
However, Meddie recently dropped his guard and appeared with former Be My Date presenter Anita Fabiola in what onlookers described as a highly explicit public display of affection (PDA) at Club Venom.
We have since learnt that Fabiola and Meddie are indeed an item. Meddie and Fabiola have been inseparable for the past one week. Sources close to Meddie told us that Fabiola is already comfortable living at Meddie’s house in Muyenga.
“Fabiola has been spending so much time at Meddie’s house the past few days,” the source said. The source, who is very close to Meddie, also told us that he seems to be enjoying his every moment with Fabiola. When contacted, Meddie simply answered, “Real recognises real. Fabiola is real and so is Meddie!” Fabiola, on the other hand was afraid to discuss what she termed as her “private matters” in the media.
Meddie also defended Fabiola on the recently leaked nudes. “Everyone has secrets and once they get into the hands of insane cruel people, the outcomes are never nice. But that doesn’t call for crucification of the victim,” Meddie said. One word for Meddie and Fabiola!

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