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The place: Mbale Resort Hotel: Where you get more than what you bargained for

Modernity in harmony with nature: The hotel is located on the foot of Mt. Elgon, giving a great view, Ismail Musa Ladu writes.

There are things you don’t have to pay for yet they are too rare to find these days. One of them is being woken up by the soothing sounds of birds early in the morning.
There are also things that are only dreamt about yet they can naturally be experienced in real life. One such thing is listening to the calming sound of the natural flow of a running stream. And there are many other things that can only be imagined yet within reach at Mbale Resort.  An example is catching the sight of the Wanale historical rock that is within a touching distance.
All the aforementioned natural experiences are part of Mbale Resort Hotel’s menu. And you don’t have to pay for them, considering that such natural ambience is unbillable.
Coupled with a functional gym and sauna, let alone massaging services, there is no reason for a guest or a family to miss out on this experience.
Unlike several other four star hotels, Mbale Resort Hotel is unique in a sense that it combines nature and modernity perfectly well.  The flowing stream has remained uninterrupted, view of Wanale Rock has not been artificially overshadowed and for that you do not need binoculars to catch a sight of the historical towering rock. And the birds sing freely all day long.
Set up of the rooms are exceptional. No matter what you settle for—be it a standard room or an executive room or even a presidential suite, they are all designed for your comfort and memorable experience. Most importantly, perhaps, the charges are negotiable rather than fixed. This has been done with a view to encourage as many Ugandans to also partake of the pleasures that foreign guests relish while at the hotel.
The food that the hotel serves is of international preference and standards. However, local dishes also prominently feature on the menu. This is not just done for the local guests but to also tickle the palates of foreigners who would want to taste and experience local cuisine.
And the hospitality exhibited by the staff led by the hotel general manager Isaiah Weboya, is unforgettable. In many ways, his staff reflects his personality—calm, collected, helpful and highly professional.
In an interview, it emerged that he rose through the ranks, starting out as a waiter before making it to where he is now—the GM. This means the company not only gives opportunity for local talent to grow but also nurtures their staff for leadership responsibility.
In addition to many other exciting experiences the eastern Uganda-based resort offers, it also provides one of the best conference facilities in the country.
According to Weboya, all that bothers him and his crew is the natural comfort of the customer, something they are dedicated to offer. And for that, your time at Mbale Resort Hotel, for lack of better word will always be an exciting one.

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